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with the Help of Our Structural Engineers

Plan your next building with the help of our structural engineers in Hackensack, New Jersey. Kafrouni Engineering specializes in the field of structural engineering and construction management. Our firm was founded in 1998 by experienced professionals who wanted to create a business with an emphasis on customer service. In today's market, developers have difficulty finding consulting firms that take a hands-on approach, provide personal service, and complete their work on time in a cost effective manner, but our company offers you just that.

Office Building, Structural Engineers, in Hackensack, NJ

Detail-Oriented Designs
During the last 10 years, our strategy has resulted in the establishment of a diverse client base. We offer you direct services from our owner and strive to meet all of your needs. At Kafrouni Engineering, our structural engineers do one thing: structural engineering. We focus on just one aspect of the development process to ensure that you receive the best possible service regardless of the intricacy of your project.

We've Worked For:
• Hartz Mountain Industries
• DF Gibson Architects
• Kajima Associates
• Solar Energy Systems
• Matsushita Electric Corporation  of America
Our Structural Engineers Typically Design:
• Industrial Buildings
• Warehouses
• Distribution Centers
• Office Buildings
• Institutional Uses
• Residential Developments
Our Staff
The staff of Kafrouni Engineering consists of highly respected, licensed structural engineers with broad and diversified knowledge in the field of structural engineering. In addition to our "typical" designs, we handle designs not usually done by firms that provide a complete package of civil engineering services, such as exposed architectural steel trusses, exposed structural elevations, cable and rod supported canopies, long span truss design, and the design of shells.
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